by Emmanuel De La Cruz MD, PLLC

Dr. De La Cruz is a Houston plastic surgeon who performs the 4D VASER High Definition liposuction.  

Biogel and Hydrogel Removal from the Buttock

Recently, there had been a trend in South America for Hydrogel/Biogel injections for buttock augmentation.  Numerous case reports revealed complications arising from such injections.  These complications include but not limited to:  hyper pigmentation of skin, hardening of tissues, contour irregularities, chronic infections, and buttock deformities.

Management of Unwanted Hydrogel in Buttock

  • An MRI of the area involved needs to be obtained prior to surgery.  This will serve as a map for the surgeon prior to removal of the hydrogel/biogel.


  • Treatment may involve injection of hyaluronidase 24 hours prior to surgical extraction of the hydrogel product. 
  • Surgical treatment would involve extraction/removal of the hydrogel either by direct excision of using the VASER liposuction machine.  Fat transfer may be involve to re-contour the deformity.

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