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Hand Rejuvenation using Fat Grafting

Apart from the most obvious region (face & neck) where aging can be seen and where most aesthetic surgery for rejuvenation are performed,  the dorsum of the hand is the next obvious area where aging can be seen and is continuously visible in daily life.  What they used to say,"If you want to know a woman's age, look at her hands" still holds true.

The region of the hand exhibits laxity of the skin with subcutaneous atrophy and age-related pigmentations in a comparable manner to the face. Fat transfer to the dorsum of the hand enables subcutaneous regeneration by refilling the subcutaneous space and hence reducing some of the age-related degenerative process.

Areas of Concern of the Aging Hand

  • Bony-looking hands due to loss of some of the fat beneath the skin that occurs with age
  • Prominent veins
  • Brown aging spots (liver spots)

Rejuvenation Treatment for the Aging Hand

  •    Chemical peels to improve the overall appearance of the skin on the back of the hand
  • Fillers or Fat transfer onto the dorsum or back of the hand to make them appear less bony.  Fat transfer is ideal since this may improve the texture of the skin.

Please consult your plastic surgeon regarding hand rejuvenation.


Emmanuel De La Cruz MD, PLLC

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, and Hand Surgeon




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